2014 ROLEX WONDER AWARDS Young talented people visit the Bund Rolex world

The world's top watch brand Rolex in the Bund, Rolex World held the 2014 Rolex Awards (The Rolex Awards for Enterprise) media will be the meeting. The world's top watch brand Rolex in the Bund, replica watches World held the 2014 Rolex Awards (The Rolex Awards for Enterprise) media will be the meeting. The two young men who won the prestigious Rolex Award were Francesco Sauro of Italy and Olivier Nsengimana of Rwanda, Chinese conservation biologists, one of the judges of the jury, shared their experiences of creating projects and taking part in the Rolex Awards with Professor Lu Zhi, a giant panda expert. Rolex hopes to meet the media will be able to attract people from the country with more people with great concern and join the Rolex in 2016 to participate in the prestigious awards, to create the spirit of individuals and innovative plans to benefit the community, benefit the world. Media conference to discuss the Rolex Award for outstanding awards to winners of the support and encouragement The swiss replica watches Award was launched in 1976 to encourage those who have the courage and determination to meet the challenges of improving human life, or protecting the world's natural and cultural heritage. In 2009, Rolex decided to cultivate the next generation of leaders, additional awards to young talent, presented to those who show innovation in the project on the talented young people. Candidates can apply for awards in five areas: scientific medicine, applied technology, discovery, environmental protection and cultural heritage. Since the inception of the Rolex Grand Prize, 30,500 applicants from 190 countries have submitted their projects, 130 of whom have received awards and recognition. Prior to 2014, 122 experts served as judges of this award. Olivier Sinci Ventana, Prof. Lu Zhi and Francisco Soro participate in the Rolex Awards 2010 at the Rolex World Olivier Sinci Ventana, Prof. Lu Zhi and Francisco Soro participate in the Rolex Awards 2010 at the Rolex World On the day of the press conference, two young men from Rwanda and Italy introduced and shared their plans. 30-year-old Olivier • Shin Ki Wenna to save the extinct gray-crowned crane, in Rwanda launched a series of conservation work. First, he set up a national database of gray-crowned cranes to correctly record all captured gray-crowned cranes. He lobbied in the country to persuade the elite to release the cranes they kept. He also launched a nationwide media campaign to teach people how to make a living while not threatening endangered species. Lastly, he hoped that the younger generation could become a conservationist, thereby preserving the biological diversity of Rwanda. 29-year-old Francisco Schoro plans to explore ancient caves in the Pingdingshan area of ​​South America. From 2014 to 2017, Sharoau plans four expeditions to the east of Pingdingshan in the Amazon region. The reconnaissance mission will help them find caves, evaluate caves and scientific research, and study logistical difficulties. In addition, his team will be responsible for prospecting caves, collecting geological and geological microbiological data, analyzing cave types, water chemistry and rock weathering, and looking for new or rare minerals and organisms. Prof. Lu Zhi, a Chinese conservation biologist from China, gathered together for a press conference. "The Rolex Award for Outstanding Achievers is designed to support innovative people who are innovative and committed, and are able to use their programs to develop human knowledge," said Lv, who is one of the judges of the prestigious Rolex Awards. I encourage more people from different fields to apply for the prize, and then to promote the common development and progress of the research field and the whole mankind. Earlier, Rolex in London, the leading scientific research institutions Royal Society (Royal Society) announced the 2014 Rolex Liguo grand prize winner list. Young winners of the year under the age of 30 are from Africa, India, Europe and the Middle East. All of them have exceptional leadership qualities and are uniquely positioned to promote the well-being of the community and the environment through science and technology, as well as to advance scientific knowledge. The five young men were selected by a roster of eight outstanding experts from around 1,800 applicants from around the world, each of whom would receive a prize of CHF 50,000 for a grand prize. The five winners are: Neeti Kailas, 29, India - aims to promote screening for hearing-impaired newborns and establish a network of specialized health care providers in India to diagnose or treat deafness, inexpensive and easy-to-use instruments. Olivier Nsengimana, 30, Rwanda - promotes plans to conserve endangered gray-crowned cranes and encourages the release of hanged crowned cranes. The Crowned Crane is a symbol of affluence and longevity in Rwanda because of its beautiful appearance and the tragedy of being caught, is often fed as a pet. Francesco Sauro, age 29, Italy - Explore the legendary South American rocky caverns in the Pingdingshan area at the border between Venezuela and Brazil to explore the thousands of years of isolation from the environment. Unique world. Arthur Zang, 26, Cameroon - invented the first medical tablet computer in Africa, so that rural health care workers can test the results of heart disease, mobile Internet, sent to a cardiologist for diagnosis. Hosam Zowawi, 29, Saudi Arabia - is developing a quick test that can detect whether bacteria are resistant to antibiotics. The resistance of bacteria to antibiotics is currently posing a serious threat to global human health. He also plans a cross-regional mass campaign to warn against misuse and abuse of antibiotics. "This year we have a record number of youth applicants, and we are proud to announce the winners' list and strongly support these young people in their efforts to promote inspiring work," said Rebecca Irvin, Rolex charitable director. The five young men and their plans have clearly demonstrated a strong spirit of creation and leadership, and this year the jury was most impressed by the pragmatic style of these programs, each of which addressed real- They are no doubt the example of the world, Rolex is also willing to spread their stories to the world.replica watches